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Fiegel School

Earliest Inhabitants of the United States

Created by Patricia Hackney
Fiegel Elementary
Plymouth, Michigan


You are a curator for the Plymouth Historical Society.  You have been asked to develop a display and presentation about a Native American tribe for the museum.  The display will be viewed by residents of local communities.  You are asked to choose a tribe and create an interactive presentation that explains how the environment influenced the culture of these Native Americans.

Plains Native Americans 

Southwest Native Americans 

Northwest Pacific Native Americans

Eastern Woodland Native Americans


In your research groups, you will "surf the net" and "hit the books" in a quest for the answer to the essential question, "How does the environment influence the culture of your tribe?"  Justify your answer."  In order to conduct an appropriate search, several questions must be answered ( and included in your final product).  Those questions are:
  • What is culture?
  • What is environment?
  • What does influence mean?
  • What major landforms are found where your tribe lives?
  • How do landforms affect climate, transportation, and trade?
  • What natural resources did your tribe use for food, clothing, shelters, medicine?
  • What is the climate like in this region?
  • How is the environment reflected in your tribes art?
  • Did the environment have any influence on religious beliefs and customs and legends?
  • What core democratic values are reflected in the way your tribe's culture viewed nature? (optional)
  • What were the religious beliefs, customs, and legends of your tribe?



Plains Indians

Plains Native American Culture

Plains Native American Art

History of the Plains Native Americans

Plains Native American Overview

Plains Native Americans Customs & Religion

Plains Folktales


Native Americans on the Plains

Southwest Indians

Southwest Native Americans



Southwest Folk Tale

Southwest Native American Culture

Southwest  Shelters

Navajo Code Talker

Native Americans in the Southwest

Navajo Art

Eastern Woodlands Indians

Eastern Woodland Native Americans Overview

Eastern Woodlands Folk Tales

Iroquois Indians

Northeast Native Americans

Eastern Woodland Legends


 Northwest Pacific Indians

Pacific Northwest Native Americans Overview

Totem Poles

Pacific Northwest Culture

Peoples of the Northwest

Legends of the Northwest 

Northwest Pacific Native Americans

Northwest Native American


Each research group will gather data from the World Wide Web and library sources.  This information must be documented.  You will create a Power Point Presentation, as well as a poster with pictures. 
Your final product will also include an oral presentation to the class.  All members of the group should complete their assigned research tasks and be part of the presentation.  Presenters should be dressed neatly, speak clearly, maintain eye contact with the audience, speak loudly enough to be heard by all, and be enthusiastic about their presentation.


Defined culture, environment, and influence. 
5 points
Major tribes of the region. 
5 points.
Landforms of the region and climate of the region 
5 points
Affects of landforms on climate, transportation, and trade. 
10 points
Natural resources used for food, clothing, shelter, and medicine.
10 points
Explanation of how the environment was reflected in tribal art, religious beliefs, 
customs and legends.
15 points
Create a Power Point presentation. 5 points 
Worked cooperatively within your group.
10 points
Came prepared with information to share with your group. 
10 points
Created a poster reflecting the different tribes, shelter, food, clothing, legends, environment of your regional Native American group. 25 points

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This Project Page created by Patricia Hackney and Beth Timlin.  Copyright 2001.  All rights reserved.  Last updated 9/07.

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