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iFolder gives staff and students online file storage space. The storage space is limited up to a 100 megabytes of data. It will be replacing our 8 year old Personal Folder web application that we have outgrown. Also known as a digital drop box or digital backpack; for students to take work home without needing a USB drive.

How to use iFolder:
Login to the iFolder the link above. Use ID and password same as your network ID.
Accounts are listed by year of graduation.

Create a New iFolder
Perform the following steps to create a new iFolder:

  1. Click the New iFolder link given in the Home page.

  2. On the new page that opens, specify the information, then click Create.

Delete an iFolder
To delete an iFolder:

  1. Click the iFolder you want to delete.

  2. On the iFolder page that opens, click Delete link given in the page.

    A dialogue box appears that asks you whether you want to delete the current iFolder.

  3. Click OK in the dialogue box to confirm the iFolder deletion.

  4. Click Cancel to cancel the operation.

Upload a File

  1. Click Upload,

  2. In the Upload page, click Browse and locate the local file you want to upload,

  3. Then click Open > Upload. When the page refreshes, the file appears alphabetically in the list.

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